Tranquility® AIR-Plus Extra-Strength Breathable Underpad

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Tranquility® AIR-Plus™ Extra-Strength Breathable Underpad is strong enough for boosting, turning, and repositioning. Must be used in accordance with the Safe Patient Handling Guideleines. The AIR-Plus Extra Strength Underpad has 34 oz (1005 ml) absorbency. It is 100% breathable allowing air to circulate creating an ideal microclimate to support skin integrity. The cloth-like material feels soft against the skin improving comfort. The high absorbency of PowerSorb®, quick-wicking absorbent layer, protects mattresses and bed systems from fluid damage and eiminates leakage to help minimize laundry. Overall cost of care is lowered with fewer changes needed and less products used.

More Information
ManufacturerPrinciple Business Enterprises
Brand FamilyTranquility®
Brand Segment or SeriesTranquility® AIR-Plus™
ApplicationPositioning Underpad
AbsorbencyHeavy Absorbency
Topsheet MaterialCloth-Like Topsheet
Absorbent Core MaterialPowersorb
Backsheet MaterialCloth-Like Backing
Backsheet ColorPeach
FSA ProspectNo
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