Tranquility® Bariatric Maximum Incontinence Briefs

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Tranquility® Bariatric Maximum Incontinence Breathable Brief, 3X-Large, is a Full-fit brief with breathable stretchy side panels that comfortably fits up to a 96” waist.

Tranquility® Bariatric Maximum Incontinence Brief, 3X-Large, offers Maximum Protection with breathability. Tranquility® Bariatric Brief holds more than a quart of liquid with 34 oz absorption capacity. Tranquility® Bariatric Brief enhances self-esteem and provides greater mobility.

The soft, cloth-like outer layer is gentle against sensitive skin. Wide, micro-hook closure tabs grip the brief securely while still allowing for multiple openings. The breathable, stretchy side panels fit waist/hip sizes 64” to 96”. The Peach Mat absorbent core protects sensitive skin, controls skin, guarantees skin dryness and urine pH neutralization. The brief also features dual wetness indicators, Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) and elastic leg gathers.

More Information
ManufacturerPrinciple Business Enterprises
Brand FamilyTranquility®
Brand Segment or SeriesTranquility®
ApplicationIncontinence Brief
AbsorbencyHeavy Absorbency
Topsheet MaterialPolymer Topsheet
Backing MaterialCloth-Like Backing
Leg StyleInner Leg Cuffs
StyleTab Closure
FSA ProspectNo
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